Lewis Trigger - Copy

Lewis Trigger - Copy
VP, Operations and Project Management

  1. (Lewis Trigger is a recognized international expert in Constraint Innovation, which is based on the leading management doctrine “Theory of Constraints” (TOC). Australian born, Israel resident, Lewis is an industrial engineer (MBA, MSc), with 30 years of experience, primarily in Israel and Australia within government private industry and military sectors
  2. After completing his graduate studies at the University of Queensland-Australia, Lewis went on to serve 16 years as an officer in the Israeli Air Force.  His experience in the Israeli Air Force, followed by holding senior management positions in the Israeli Hi-tech market, has provided Lewis with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Operations and Project Management.
  3. Today he heads his own company, based in Israel that provides Industrial Engineering Consultancy and Workshops to both the defence, government, and commercial markets in Israel, Australia, and India. 

  4. In addition, he teaches Management courses in several Israeli colleges including the prestigious M.B.A program at the University of Tel Aviv.